Violeta Sosa León
Ph.D. in Geoinformatics Student University of Münster
Microservices Integration, DevOps, Software Development, Geospatial Technologies, Spatial Data Science, Software Development Teams Management

I am violetasdev, a

🙌🏻 Believer in leading by example. Inspiring the world one person at a time.

👩🏻‍💻 Software Developer with experience in microservices architecture, web design, databases, and project management, for private and public sectors.

👩🏻‍🎓 Ph.D. in Geoinformatics student, creating tools to analyze human behavior using Spatio-temporal data. My research helps us to understand how we interact to improve the services we use, the places we explore, and the artificial agents we create.

I love to learn about

  • data science, computer vision, software development
  • leadership, mentoring and mindsets
  • human behavior
  • drones flying and golf training ⛳️

Stack: Software Development: PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, Web Development. Data Science: R, Python, Reinforcement Learning, Statistics, Jupyter/Deepnote/Markdown. AWS Cloud and Linux/Windows Server Services. Relational Databases Management.

Let’s share thoughts about education and inclusive job opportunities in tech!

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